Little Rock Christian Academy Athletics

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Elementary/Middle School PSL Rules & Expectations

Athletic Physicals/AAA Forms

Athletic Handbook

Parent Expectations

We need the support and cooperation of each parent to achieve our goals. We ask that parents contribute to their student’s success and growth by:

  • Pray specifically for the Lord to be at work in your student’s life as well as those of his/her teammates.

  • Pray especially for the coach. As fallible humans, every coach will make mistakes, but we have the assurance that God can work all things together for your student’s good.

  • Pray that all the circumstances of the season will be used by God to teach what He wants your son/daughter to learn.

  • Your student needs to know that you love and support him/her, no matter what. Whether starting or sitting on the bench, after a score or a miss, your love and encouragement needs to be unconditional just as Christ’s is for us.

  • As our society grows increasingly negative, coarse, and vulgar, we have an opportunity to be a witness to other teams and their fans by cheering positively at games and respecting the calls of the officials even when we disagree.

  • Anyone can complain and criticize what they don’t like or agree with—it takes the grace of God to forgive, to return good for evil, but in so doing we have an opportunity to show the world that Christ does make a difference.

  • We ask our fans to encourage each other and be sure to always be a positive witness at games. Ask yourself, “Would my behavior as a fan make it possible for me to share Jesus Christ with those who listened to me and watched me in our stands?”

  • Pray that when other fans attend our games, they will notice something different about us and that the difference will be positive.

  • At least one parent must attend the team pre-season meeting. If both parents miss the meeting, the student will not be allowed to play in a contest or match until at least one of the parents meets one-on-one with the coach.

  • If an athlete has a question about expectations or what his/her role is on the team, the student should first go to the coach for these answers. It is important for the student to talk about his/her performance with the coach. This is a life skill we want each of our student athletes to have. If the student is still unclear after speaking with the coach, a conference with the student, parent, and coach can be arranged. In most cases these conversations should take place at times other than game day, but in no case will these discussions take place before or after a contest.

  • A parent can talk to the coach about anything related to the student athlete, teams, season, etc. but not playing time, coaching strategies, and calling of plays. These are subjective calls that each coach must make according to his/her own discretion. While coaches welcome conversations about what students can do to improve their athletic performance and make positive contributions to their team, it is more beneficial to the team, to the athlete, and to the parent/coach relationship if parents refrain from discussions focusing on playing time, coaching strategies and calling of plays.

  • There may be times when parents may differ or will have taken offense with a particular coach following constructive conversations. We ask that parents go directly to the coach, not other parents or fans, and see if the matter can be resolved. Please don’t let the coaches hear that you are displeased or have a problem from anyone but you personally. If the issue isn’t satisfactorily resolved at the coach or head coach level, then the concern may go to the athletic director. If the issue is unable to be resolved, parents will be encouraged to discuss the matter with the Head of School, Dr. Gary Arnold. If we commit to resolving the concerns that we believe are wrong in this way, we all will benefit.

By following these guidelines and rules, our student athletes will be given the best chance to experience the growth outlined in our school’s mission and we all can demonstrate the “Warrior Way.”

Behavior at Sporting Events

In an effort to maintain a SAFE, orderly and enjoyable environment at home sporting events, Little Rock Christian Academy asks parents to review the behavior expectations with their children before attending a game.

  • All students 5th-12th grade will need ID/Pass to enter events free.

  • PLEASE, NO ROLLING DEVICES inside the stadium ie: skateboards, hover-boards, scooters etc.

  • All students Pre K - 8th grade must enter the game with an adult.

  • All students must be seated or in designated area during the game. Do not go on the field or floor.

  • LRCA students do not go on visitor side of field/gym.

  • Students cannot bring any personal balls in the gym from outside.

  • Do not go outside the gym or the gates of Warrior Field during a game.

  • Playing with footballs and soccer balls will be allowed only in the designated area at Warrior Field. Balls outside of designated area will be collected by the supervisor.

  • Only those in uniform, school administration, media or those with sideline passes will be allowed on Warrior Field until games are over.

  • Concessions are available at all sporting events. After going to the concession stand, students should return to their seat or designated area.

  • Always exhibit good sportsmanship, examples:

    • Be respectful during the National Anthem, prayer, school songs, and player introductions.

    • Never boo or yell at officials or opposing players.

    • Cheer for the Warrior players!

    • Represent LRCA in a positive manner.

    • Be respectful of other students and adults attending the game.

We want your child safe AND our fans to be able to watch the game without distraction.

Go Warriors!